Femto is a web media player full of nice features, nice intuitive user interface and it’s crazy fast!


Femto back-end is written in PHP but in future we will have it in many other sever-side languages as well, in order to use it anywhere, anyhow you like!
Femto’s front-end on the other hand uses Javascript to provide all these great user experience!

Femto is fully AJAXified!

There’s no second page load! Once you open it, you’re not going to wait again to hear your favorite music, create, update, modify and share playlists with your visitors!

Femto adapts!

With its adaptive algorithm, Femto will populate your media library automagically!

You will never need to scan manually for your songs and wait for it to stop so you can listen to your favorite music or use the media player! Femto just adapts to you!

Collaborative playlists

Femto lets you to populate and manage you playlists in collaboratively with your friends or with the whole universe! Just put up your playlist and share it!

Sharing: because music is art, and art, got to be shared!

Make more people happy with your music … All you have to do is Share it! Femto also support open graph and twitter cards by default! No need to struggle!

Your friends in social media can hear your songs and your playlists embedded in your social posts on Twitter and Facebook! We’ve got this covered as well!

More tech details about Femto media player

Tags and Album Covers

Femto supports IDv2,IDv3 tag schemas for audio files and display them into its OSD in real time, and it caches them for future use!

Album Covers are obtained automatically via IDv3 tags, compress the image, cache it and display it to the listener in real time too! In no way Femto will waste your Disk capacity nor your CPU cycles! That’s because it identifies albums, and it will use the same album cover over and over again, without extracting anything from tracks that belong to the same album!

Artist’s Info box

Artists are not sound producing machines, that’s why Femto gathers artist’s background, music genres, official website and social profiles to get you closer to your favorite songwriters!


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