About Chris …

I’m Chris Dimas, a freelance SysAdmin and Full Stack Developer from Athens Greece. I have 8+ years of working experience in the field, one in military corps. During these years, I primarily worked as a systems administrator responsible for network & systems design, configuration & administration.

Services I can manage:

  • Web
  • Mail
  • DNS
  • NAS
  • Cloud File Storage servers
  • HA clusters for HTTP, DNS and Mail, Web Radio Streaming servers

Additionally, I’ve been designing & configuring network tunnels with SSH, openVPN, GRE, IPsec, PPTP and used most types of proxies.

Software I’m familiar with:

  • Apache & nginx
  • Postfix, Dovecot, Cyrus
  • BIND9
  • MySQL, MongoDB
  • Seafile, NFS, Samba
  • Asterisk
  • Icecast, Shoutcast
  • Ejabberd


As a developer, I have worked mostly with the back-end of various applications (standalone and web apps) as well as the front-end


Worked With:

Organizations Co-Founded:

  • Power Politics (Since 2015)
  • Wirestream (2013 – 2015)

Articles & Publications

  • Alt. Magazine (2012) – Article about applied Social Engineering in today’s digital life, titled as “How criminals use Social Networks
  • totallynoob.com (Since 2011) – 50+ articles & tutorials about Open Source, Systems Adminstration, Programming & Online Privacy

Services I'm proud of

Fully Managed Hosting B2B

Performance Tuning

WordPress Development

WordPress Hosting

Some Facts

Users managing... Daily
Virtual Servers Running
Cups of Coffee per day
Databases Running