eCS Services

You won't need any 3rd-party service ever again!

eCS combines a ton of technologies into WordPress and WooCommerce to provide the most complete and fully managed solution for your eCommerce needs.

About us

Indie systems offer a wide range of managed services in Development Operations, Systems & Network Administration and Software Engineering fields.

Our mission

We provide businesses with the most reliable and powerful services regarding Procedures Automation, by integrating the most appropriate technologies, in order to reduce their costs.

Collaboration With Groupware

Whether you have two or twenty two employees, they need to communicate non-stop to keep up with each other. In eCS we have included a collaboration software suite that lets your employees communicate, create tasks and manage them, share files and data, keep a calendar and many many more possibilities that all come with shared features and accessed by everywhere on every platform. You can also manage your company’s resources and contacts and keep track of your teams’ progress in different tasks. Serious businesses require unlimited scalability and high security along with their groupware, we made sure you get both.

Live Support With Rocket.Chat

We believe that the buyer-seller relationship is very important and profitable for both sides so we included a live support chat feature in the frontend of eCS so your customers and visitors can directly connect and communicate with your support department. Rocket.Chat is very easy-to-use and a powerful tool and settings at the same time.

Performance Tuning

eCS is the most complete solution for e-commerce websites but requires a lot of experience and skills in order to end up with a well-tuned result. After having tested a lot of different tools and techniques, we ended up with the best performance possible. We use multi-level caching, accurate server configuration and many other technologies to provide you with a fast website without technical difficulties. We test and tweak WordPress itself, WooCommerce, optimize the images you upload on the fly and any other WordPress plugins you may need.

IT Consulting

If you are not sure about your needs, contact us and we can help you decide what’s best for you according to your business scale, budget and future plans. Our support team is always happy to assist you with your requests, questions and issues. eCS is accompanied with free Premium Priority Support according to your pricing plan.

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