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You won't need any 3rd-party service ever again!

eCS combines a ton of technologies into WordPress and WooCommerce to provide the most complete and fully managed solution for your eCommerce needs.

About us

Indie systems offer a wide range of managed services in Development Operations, Systems & Network Administration and Software Engineering fields.

Our mission

We provide businesses with the most reliable and powerful services regarding Procedures Automation, by integrating the most appropriate technologies, in order to reduce their costs.

Types and Means of Support

Ticketing System

Support is primarily provided via our user-friendly ticketing system. We strongly encourage people use the ticketing system as we believe it is the most cost effective way of communication between us and our clients. It provides transparency and stats, so we can fairly charge our clients and they can double check the pricing as well as previously answered tickets. Great features await for you to discover.

Personal Hotline

Depending on your plan, you may call us in order to quickly assist you with your queries. A call can be very helpful for questions such as pricing clarifications, project features, timelines, etc. Technical problems usually require us to run diagnosing tests or make research so a ticket is recommended. Moreover, we can arrange conference calls in order to discuss a matter cross-department.

Live Chat

Live Chat is the most common way of communication online. We provide you the ability to contact us in real time via our easy-to-use live chat to make questions or report a bug. Contact our support team just like you would contact a colleague or a friend in your favorite messaging app.


E-mail is one of the oldest ways to contact someone online, but this doesn't make it ineffective. When everything goes down, an email server will stay up for you to send us an email and for us to get notified of the problem. E-mail communication is mainly provided for an emergency or for non support matters.

*Limitations of types and time for each type may apply depending on your plan.

Service Level Agreement

We work hard in order to provide you with the best support according to your plan in terms of pricing and quality. That’s why we offer specific types of support from the aforementioned depending on the service plan you purchased. While you are purchasing a service from you will get informed for the terms of support that are provided for each pricing plan of this service. We are pretty sure that you will be very pleased by our terms, but if you feel limited and in need of more, you can contact us via our forms in the end of every service page in order to discuss about the support terms of your plan.

Request A Quote

Typically we respond in 3-4hrs. Mon-Fri 10am-6pm.


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