Fully Managed Hosting B2B

Fully Managed Hosting B2B

Let us host your services and applications, in your terms, with the most suitable customization possible, by using the best infrastructure and manage your hosting according to your real-time needs.

Why Us?

Your business computer services is one of your company’s most valuable assets and it requires professional administration, security and support. Indie Systems provides a fully-managed hosting solution custom tailored to your business needs.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

We guarantee 99.9% uptime because "Time is money" and every second counts for a business.

High-Availability & Scalability

Create redundant applications & services by using our HA cluster.

Priority Support

Use the user-friendly ticketing system and we will get down to work with your issue ASAP. Our average response time is 15mins

Security Compliance

Adherence to regulatory compliance for industrial, financial, healthcare, criminal justice, legal business requirements.

The Best Tools & Formal Procedures

We only use industry-leading equipment, modern architecture and data centers. Our staff procedures are documented so you know how we work in the background.

When things go wrong...

We know what to do.

All our plans include Priority Support. Support tickets are prioritized and evaluated by our engineers. Emergencies are going straight to the Top.

Backups are always in place and we can bear the cost of new or temporary equipment until things are restored back to normal.


Multiple and fully customizable backups of your data according to your needs. We keep backups for 10 days minimum.

Equipment Conditions

We make sure our equipment has full redundancy from power, HVAC, equipment and manpower.

Disaster recovery

Even if everything goes wrong we have you covered by providing you with the ability to recover your last working snapshot.

Customization to the bone

We can customize your hosting plan according to your needs in order for you to receive the most value-for-money solution for your business. We also offer customized hosting of your industry specific software.

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