VPN for Freelancers / Contractors & Remote Workers

VPN for freelancers / contractors & remote workers

About us

Indie systems offer a wide range of managed services in Development Operations, Systems & Network Administration and Software Engineering fields.

Our mission

We provide businesses with the most reliable and powerful services regarding Procedures Automation, by integrating the most appropriate technologies, in order to reduce their costs.


Most companies need contractors every now and then in order to fulfill a task that employees don’t have time or skills to accomplish. A company may doesn’t like having an independent contractor accessing its facilities or maybe a contractor is in a distance with the company. A VPN lets businesses share resources with independent contractors safely by providing limited access or/and limited permissions to specific resources (ex. Reading but not deleting). If you have a contract with another company instead of an individual we offer special solutions for VPNs connections.

Did you know that freelancers outperform office workers?

According to studies, that took place in corporal environments, working from home can result in productivity boosts for various reasons, mainly based on avoiding office distractions such as disturbing co-workers and frequent meetings. But freelancers have some other advantages that makes them more productive. These may be:

In conclusion, hiring freelancers may be more value for money, but it may not work when your hired freelancer doesn’t have the needed resources. VPN lets freelancers, create and use company resources just like being at the office, but with the benefits of freelancing for the company and for the worker and the security needed in order for this to succeed.

Remote Workers

As already mentioned remote work has its benefits and it is a one-way street for low budget companies that have limited facilities. For businesses that have remote workers or they totally rely on remote work we offer VPN solutions that enable their remote workers to create, use and share resources with permissions and access features in order to limit users on demand.

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