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What is Groupware?

Groupware (or collaborative software) is application software designed to help people involved in a common task to achieve their goals. It includes sharing resources and optimized communication ways. The main purpose of groupware is to provide teams, of any scale, user-friendly tools in order to communicate internally and externally as fast as possible, to share resources in real time,  make collaboration productive and many many more.

Groupware is used by Fortune 50 companies and small start-ups alike, by large municipal governments, ISPs and ASPs, school systems and people just like you who groupware for themselves, friends and family.

Made for businesses!

Growing Businesses under heavy workloads who understand the need of centralized communication and collaboration. Groupware solution can reduce your costs. All the software you need, in one place with no extra costs?

Made to suit your needs!

Centralizing day-to-day workflow can help a growing business sustain heavy workloads and  achieve the best productivity possible. Relieve from frustration of non-integrated & poorly designed software.

Why Groupware?


Our groupware service was designed with security in mind: Its features are designed to work together and this gives it the appropriate robustness needed.


Even if our groupware service can run on clusters across the glove by using virtual machines and containers to support multinationals with thousands of employees, it also helps small families to manage their households by running on home computers.


The software we provide uses Open Standards for storage and communication protocols. Moreover, as we are big fans of open source community we use open source software and we help in its development.


We implemented the principle of the respect to privacy in our groupware service and we make no compromises on encryption and security.

What can I do with Groupware?


Powerful email, contact management and file storage services are the main services groupware provides and its fully based on them to upgrade your communication in aspects of ease and reliability.


Groupware allows organizations handle their email fast and efficiently at any scale. Email may be one of the oldest ways to communicate with someone online but still remains the most robust, transparent and professional way for your employees to communicate with each other or with external contacts.


Even the smallest companies and organizations have a lot of contacts to manage. Our groupware provides tools to collect, organize and share contact information efficiently between employees or departments when needed in a user-friendly environment. Its ability to maintain one of the most sensitive type of data centralized is what makes it very secure and compliant with GDPR.


Our service’s integrated file cloud service enables file sharing in an easy-to-use environment no matter where you are right now. File sharing is our eveyday life as we upload, download, share, view and edit tons of files everyday. Take a step forward: manage your files via your groupware and save time, resources and frustration in comparison with another external tool.


The need to keep your teams coordinated with each other is vital and hard to satisfy, but not when you are using Kolab.


Let your employees create personal calendars to remember their deadlines, meetings and more, give them the power to create shared calendars in order to keep up with their colleagues and make it easy for your secretary to update your calendar live. Unlimited possibilities depending always on your needs.


Task boards for individuals and teams or even your whole company fast and easy-to-use. Workers need to know their tasks anytime, managers need the ability to assign tasks wherever they are and you need to keep track of the workflow. With Kolab Tasks you and your employees have everything you need to focus on your work and increase your productivity.


Workers take infinite notes in their everyday life but it’s time to forget about sticky notes, notepads and paper agendas. Kolab brings common note taking to a whole new level by providing features such as notes search and share.

Brief Introduction ...


Sceduling meetings have never been easier, we understand that people are not perfect and we provide premium features for managers to check whenever someone is available or not, co-schedule a meeting, and many more.

"Share" Means Everything

Share everything, from emails to notes, from files to contacts. Everything in our groupware’s system can be shared if you want to and in the level of your need (read write, delete).

Resources Management

With our groupware your can even manage your company’s resources. Set the resources administrator and your meeting rooms, cars, devices and whatever you want can have its own timetable, busy/free indicator, request form, etc.

Access from everywhere

Our groupware can be accessed from any computer via its desktop client that runs natively on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux and lets you make use of the native file dialogs, drag-n-drop features, etc. of your operating system.


The desktop client even lets you work when offline and when a connection is possible, it will sync everything. Moreover, provides you with a full-featured web application that runs on every browser, on every operating system in order to connect from a device that has not the desktop client installed such as internet cafés or computers with deep freeze.


But what an agenda would be if not portable?
Our groupware uses Open Standards in order to give you the ability to sync everything that has to do with your groupware in your smartphone. iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile devices are officially supported but even more rare devices can be synced by using its Open Standards.



We understand the needs of a modern business and that’s why we offer Priority Technical Support, depending on your pricing plan, via our ticketing system or live conference call.

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