eCommerce Complete Solution (eCS)

eCommerce Complete Solution

You won't need any 3rd-party service ever again!

eCS combines a ton of technologies into WordPress and WooCommerce to provide the most complete and fully managed solution for your eCommerce needs.

About us

Indie systems offer a wide range of managed services in Development Operations, Systems & Network Administration and Software Engineering fields.

Our mission

We provide businesses with the most reliable and powerful services regarding Procedures Automation, by integrating the most appropriate technologies, in order to reduce their costs.

Our clients

Our eCommerce Complete Solution is designed for every company that wants to have a noticeable sales presence online, no matter its scale. It has no limits and it can be optimized On Demand. Are you ready to get your business online?

Is It Right For You?

A Complete Solution for Business:

eCommerce Complete Solution (eCS) has all the tools you, your clients and your employees need. You won’t need any third party product or service to operate at full functional level. But even if you do, that’s our job to figure out what fits the best to you.

Services Included

You can focus on your business planning while your store smoothly take-off & generates revenue.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

We guarantee 99.9% uptime because "Time is money" and every second counts for a business.

High-Availability & Scalability

We develop and optimize our e-commerce solution in private cloud in order to provide you with high availability and scalability.

Fully Managed

Fully-managed hosting for your e-shop, email and live chat support service. Complete control over your look, features, and your data.


Groupware Service with email, contacts, calendars, task management, files and more for your employees.


Your Store will come pre-optimized and will be optimized continuously by professional Developers and Systems Administrators.

Tons Of Features Effortlessly

Best Practices and Well-Known features and functionalities are pre-built to your store!

WordPress Features

WooCommerce Features

Tech Features

Pro Features

eCS Optimized To Your Needs

We are proud to provide you with extra features that will upgrade yours and your clients’ experience.

We study your types of selling, your current and potential funnels, support channels and We Provide Optimizations so that Our Product Meet Your Needs.

Optimized Cart and Checkout

We have shorten the checkout process so your customers can checkout as fast as possible. We also have made the Cart and Checkout experience the best possible by investing in clean layouts.

Order Tracking Integration​

If the courier agency that you work with, supports tracking integration, then we can implement this feature inside your eCommerce website.

Invoicing Template System

We already have a ready template system for invoices in Greek but we are comfortable with creating a new one for your country's tax system and customize it depending on your needs.

Custom Integration with 3rd-party APIs

Systems Integration is the process of linking together different computing systems and software applications to act as a coordinated whole. We have deep experience on Systems Integration and we love this kind of work a little bit more. If you are interested in integrating one or more systems in your eCommerce website or you want us to integrate our eCommerce solution in another system, we will be more than happy to do so, having always in mind the best practices.

Your Techies Will Feel Comfortable

As we manage lots of websites everyday, we understand the needs of Administrators & Developers and that’s why our eCommerce solution comes with the best -well-known- tools to support them.

WordPress Staging Environment

Create a staging environment of your website and test your new features, bug-fixes, and designs before pushing the new code in production. Avoid visitors seeing maintenance landing pages and errors.

Pre-Installed Git For WordPress

Keep track of your website development by using the most known version-control system. Pull, Push and Merge between your staging and production environments.

PCI Compliant Servers

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard Compliance means our servers meet all the requirements to secure your payments' security.

Technologies Behind eCS


All our plans include Priority Support. Support tickets are prioritized and evaluated by our engineers. Emergencies are going straight to the Top. We also offer:

  • Knowledge Base for your employees to follow the known procedures over and over.
  • User-friendly ticketing system for immediate written support.


Multiple and fully customizable backups of your data according to your needs. We keep backups for 10 days minimum.

Disaster recovery

Even if everything goes wrong we have you covered by providing you with the ability to recover your last working snapshot.

IT Consultancy

A dedicated IT consultant who understands rationales of eCommerce, SEO & online presence will guide you throughout points of failure.

An Holistic Approach to eCommerce

Upgrade your company with our eCommerce Complete Solution. All the tools you and your clients need, configured to perform fast and perfect together. In a world of unlimited emerging technologies and different solutions for different needs we offer one solution that can meet most -if not all- of your needs and you let us manage the technology behind it. And if this is not enough in the future we can even create custom applications that communicate with our e-commerce solution to extend its functionality to bypass technical or business niche barriers.

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Typically we respond in 3-4hrs. Mon-Fri 10am-6pm.


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