What is atto?

Atto is a web radio player based on a media player called femto. It has lots of features a web radio owner and producer always wanted from a music player. With atto you can create a very modern, warm, intuitive user interface for your listeners.

It’s mobile & desktop friendly but also coder-friendly software, built with well-known and integrated with major APIs and server software.

Radio owners can use it out of the box! Right away!

Developers can customize it to it’s last details and create something entirely new!

Rockin' Features

Atto main screen 2

Intuitive Design

Works on all devices & browsers! And It's Mobile-ready!

Compatible with IceCast Servers!

No worries! We will provide the icecast configuration!

LastFM scrobbler

Using Last.FM API, atto is able to disaply currently playing track’s correct meta-data including Album Cover, Artist, Title, Album, Genres and sub-genres.

Browser notifications!

Atto will display user notifications natively on all platforms with current tracks's Album Cover, Artist Name and Title!

Let it be fun again!

Key Features

Keeps users’ track history!

Atto will keep every user's history stored at their browser so there's no need for an extra meta-data service, ever!

Social Media Sharing made easy!

Atto can share current playing song on Facebook and Twitter! You can set of course a customized message mentioning your web radio twitter account!

Auto Background changer

Atto's auto background changer can be configured to preload all the image banners/wallpapers you want to rotate during user's listening time! It's a clever way to monetize your station or sell your services!

Atto can be Customized to the last detail!

More Awesomeness!

Provide additional info for any Artist, Song or Album!

Atto is integrated will Analyze and provide additional info for the current Artist, Song or Album!

Atto will choose the best quality for the user

Atto will analyze user's network connection and choose the best stream available by your server! Even if your user has slow mobile connection ... Well, he can listen to your web radio!

Not sold yet? No Worries!

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