I’m Chris Dimas, a freelance SysAdmin and Full Stack Developer from Athens Greece. I have 8+ years of working experience in the field, one in military corps. During these years, I primarily worked as a systems administrator responsible for network & systems design, configuration & administration.

Services I can manage:

  • Web
  • Mail
  • DNS
  • NAS
  • Cloud File Storage servers
  • HA clusters for HTTP, DNS and Mail, Web Radio Streaming servers

Additionally, I’ve been designing & configuring network tunnels with SSH, openVPN, GRE, IPsec, PPTP and used most types of proxies.

Software I’m familiar with:

  • Apache & nginx
  • Postfix, Dovecot, Cyrus
  • BIND9
  • MySQL, MongoDB
  • Seafile, NFS, Samba
  • Asterisk
  • Icecast, Shoutcast
  • Ejabberd


As a developer, I have worked mostly with the back-end of various applications (standalone and web apps) as well as the front-end


Worked With:

Organizations Co-Founded:

  • Power Politics (Since 2015)
  • Wirestream (2013 – 2015)

Articles & Publications

  • Alt. Magazine (2012) – Article about applied Social Engineering in today’s digital life, titled as “How criminals use Social Networks
  • totallynoob.com (Since 2011) – 50+ articles & tutorials about Open Source, Systems Adminstration, Programming & Online Privacy